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Do you know the biggest mistake most small business owners make? 

Trying to do everything yourself.
Making sure you're capturing all important information in a timely manner can not only free up valuable time for you, but also make sure you capture all expenses, income, deductions, liabilities, payables and receivables.

 Business Support 

Before you hire an office manager or additional employee for your business, contact Assist by Evans. We can provide the support you need and you can avoid the costs of an additional employee. Make more time for yourself by letting us get you out from under your To-Do list.  Learn more about Assist by Evans' business support services.

Before you consider hiring an office manager or additional employee, talk to us first about saving your money and resources.
     We can work onsite or remotely, or a mixture of the two.
      We can adapt to your needs from a few hours here and there, to as many as you need. 

Before you pay an accountant for all of your financial needs, talk to us first about limiting their services and reducing your costs.
     We often work with Quickbooks and change your 'stack of papers' into helpful information.
     We can reduce your accountant fees by simplifying their services to focus on tax issues.

Contact us to discuss how we can assist you and your business.

Hire high quality people without the costs of a job search and permanent employee.
We're confident you'll recognize the immediate assistance we can provide. And we can work on a contractual basis that allows you to keep us only as long as we're needed, and without the additional paperwork and costs of a hired employee.

Turn over 'all the paperwork stuff' that takes too much of your time.
Time is precious for many of our clients and they appreciate being able to 'throw all the paperwork into a pile' for Assist By Evans. We handle as many details as they ask, and they're assured that things are done professionally and timely.

Limit the costs and requirements of an expensive accountant.
Having a bookkeeping step between your business and your accountant can lead to significant savings. Your accountant should receive summary reports and well documented information at tax time. By managing accounts in Quickbooks, our clients no longer turn over incomplete information to their accountants, or shoeboxes of paperwork that the accountant has to sort through and manage.

Efficiently manage accounting setup (especially Quickbooks).
It's not just enough to make sure the bills are paid. You need to know how your money is coming in, and how your money is going out. You should also have easy access to Accounts Payable information, Accounts Receivable information, and Cash Management information like bank account balances. 

Create and analyze Balance Sheet and P/L reports.
By having well managed accounts and information you can review monthly Balance Sheets and P/L reports. In some cases, our clients have started their business based on their passion, and are intimidated by 'the business stuff.' We're happy to generate, analyze, and review the information with them in as little or as much detail as they like.

Inventory procedures and counts.
Computers and technology offer the opportunity to simplify inventory process. The key is making sure that things are setup correctly, and that processes are in place to receive things in, and account for things that go out. 

Review and streamline operations.
Efficient processes and operations are critical to keeping costs low, and keeping customers satisfied. 

Help with daily operations or special projects.
We work with most of our clients on a weekly or monthly basis. Sometimes more frequently, sometimes less. We can work at your location, or we can work remotely. We can also work on a specific project.

Our job is to make yours easier!

Assist By Evans
S. High Street
Gahanna, OH 43230
Phone: 614.476.0371
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